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We’re on a journey of transformation with Bayer Consumer Health to bring radical innovation thinking to the renovation of their previously under-invested Sanatogen vitamin brand.
To transform old-fashioned vitamins into a brand built around empowerment and personalisation, a brand that understands the flow of life.

From consumer insight, to brand positioning, brand design, Amazon video, comms and A+ platform, we’re building a brand that will empower consumers to feel confident in choosing the right daily supplements for their needs through education, personalisation and nutrition rooted in science.The first step in the journey is the e-comm launch of a new expanded range of supplements via Amazon.

We’re helping Sanatogen to become the brand that puts your health in your hands.
Not just now, but in the future.

“Brand Potential have been our invaluable innovation partners on this journey to modernize and renovate Sanatogen as an e-commerce first brand with clear insight and a fresh identity.”

Head of Marketing UKI, Bayer

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