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The team at Quaker Oats had a clear mission: to reinvent the taste experience of porridge in order to drive penetration among younger consumers. And to do this at speed in order to fill the short-term innovation pipeline.

Between February–August 2020, the Vibrant Oats concept was born.

The big insight: porridge is bland and boring (both a taste and image barrier).

The opportunity: change the perception from bland to bold. The winning concept: Vibrant Oats, a deliciously fruity proposition to brighten people's mornings.

“The combination of insight, innovation and creative that we got with Brand Potential, along with their responsiveness, has helped us to rapidly progress, even in lockdown, to develop a long term pipeline of innovation to elevate the experience of oats. We started this programme at the start of lockdown in March 2020 & they were great at quickly pivoting our approach to insights and idea development. We leveraged their on-line research tool to continue to be able to co-create with our consumers remotely.”

Senior Marketing Portfolio Lead, PepsiCo

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