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Following investment by Endless Private Equity, Kennelpak, a regional petcare retailer, had the opportunity to transform its business for the future. Brand Potential have been their partner throughout, in order to create a new online proposition with the uniqueness of pets and the bonds we have with them at its heart.

We provided an initial understanding and segmentation of pet owners, leading to a distinctive brand positioning around the idea of confident owners, carefree pets. From this story, we developed a new name, identity, brand world, creative guidelines and the initial launch campaign. The journey continues and we look forward to introducing more pets and their friends in time, after all a brand is for life!

“When it came to choosing an agency to partner with for the Pets & Friends brand development piece, Brand Potential were the logical choice. I’ve worked with them before in a previous company where their insight fundamentally changed our approach to customers and led to a step change in growth. This time, insight has resulted in the creation of an emotionally connecting brand proposition, with an identity that also reflects our core values. The team have worked tirelessly and passionately to bring it to life, culminating in a launch and awareness campaign with gravitas, that combines the very best strategic thinking with creative flair. We couldn’t be happier with the output, and the team here are thrilled to support its growth.”

CEO Kennelpak

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