Tom, Chris and Mary started Brand Potential in 2010 with a simple belief. Every brand has hidden potential, and a combination of commercial and creative thinking can unlock its future.
Before there was a name or an office, they set out our values – in true start-up style, on a beermat. Those values have acted as our “north star” ever since, and guide every decision we make.

To support the work and each other. To never lose sight of the fact that great work means happy clients and repeat business and a good reputation.

To have a positive energy in the business. To have fun to share it around and create a buzz.

To be true to what we believe in, to do our best for our clients, our people and our business. To be open and honest. To have integrity in all we do.


Our mission is to create a positive future for the brands, people and businesses we work with, by helping them think and do better.

So, as well as our day job and contributing to our industry through our memberships, we look for other ways to help people and brands unlock their potential.

Whether it's through our pro-bono work for start-up brands; our partnership with the Learning To Work charity, mentoring young people or simply through our annual charitable donations.

Having enjoyed a decade of great people, projects and parties, we are delighted in 2021 to join the Candid Platform. Candid is an independent marketing and advertising group which brings together strong and entrepreneurial agencies, enabling them to continue playing to their strengths but with the benefit of a shared platform of skills and services. Candid is based in the Netherlands, and Brand Potential is their first move into the UK.

" For us, the most important part of joining Candid is a shared philosophy and like-minded culture.

They support our ambitions and recognise the importance of our brand, our commitment to our team and clients, and most importantly our values. "